Top Five & Most Popular IPL Teams You Should Know About

We Indians are mad about cricket. When we are watching a cricket match, we can compromise with anything. We Indians are fans of every cricket match, such as test matches, One-Day Internationals, and twenty-twenty matches.

And presently, we all are enjoying the IPL 2022 matches. We appreciate how all teams are giving their best in the IPL 2022. Day by day, IPL matches become more interesting, and our craze for the cricket matches also makes us watch them live. It doesn’t matter which team is playing; we cannot miss any IPL match at any cost.

This year, the total capacity of crowds is not allowed in the IPL cricket, but still, we are enjoying the live match. And it proves that Indians are real cricket fans. It is impossible to take a cricket fan away from a live game if he is set on watching it.

Are some cricket fans not aware of how they can enjoy live cricket? So there is an online live IPL app available that you can use to watch live cricket matches.

An IPL score app helps you keep yourself updated with the live IPL updates. The top IPL teams on these streaming platforms are:

  • Chennai Super Kings: Over 40 million cricket fans support CSK and consider it their favorite team. This number is bound to make the team the most popular team in IPL cricket. The fact that Dhoni is leading the team contributes significantly to the team’s popularity. Not just that, this team has had phenomenal success in their IPL career. With this team, the IPL live score has been off the charts.
  • Mumbai Indians: with a following of over 25 million people, Mumbai Indians is the second most popular team in the IPL. This team has enthusiastic fans and a brilliant team consisting of record-winning and record-breaking players. They have won four IPL titles in their career and are set to make IPL history.
  • Kolkata Knight Riders: This two-time IPL champion team has a significant amount of following as well. There is no argument that the KKR team is one of the best teams in the IPL. KKR holds the record for being the team with the most consecutive wins in IPL history. They have a winning percentage of over fifty percent.
  • Rajasthan Royals: Even though they have won the IPL title only once, the RR are considered one of the best teams in IPL. They scored the victory title in the inaugural year, 2008. Considering their track record, they are widely considered one of the most successful in IPL history.
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad: This team has won the title once but is still among the best IPL teams. In 2016, they won the IPL title and came up as the runner-up in 2018. SRH has been among the most consistent teams in the IPL. Except for 2021, when they finished last on the points table, the team has made the playoffs every season.
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