Soccer- the Beauty, the Excitement and Father-Son Duo

Soccer- the name is enough to make people go crazy. It is not enough for fans just to watch games. They choose to cheer and support the teams and the players with everything they have. In fact, people prepare with jersey, flags and many other things even when they are about to watch it on a screen in their home. The game is enjoyable even when you are watching it on TV. The atmosphere in the galleries is something one cannot forget in a lifetime. So many people chanting and singing with all their might to show their support. The love and support for the teams that the people show is almost a magical thing to witness. It is even a beautiful scene to watch on the screen as well.

Soccer onscreen is a pleasure as well

All thanks to the developed technology and more efficient professionals, we can see magic things on the screens. The birds’ eye view gives us a incredible scene to relish on. It is so soothing to the eyes and so pleasing to the mind. There are so many things on the field that we all just love to see. These things add to the beauty and excitement that surround the game. The things that happen on the site like a Mexican wave, a singing crowd, or a heated moment on the field, all of these things look incredible as we see it from so many sides. Onscreen soccer is like a flowing dream before our eyes.

Generations of players in the game


This game is one such thing that has attracted people of different generations. In fact, premier league football (พรีเมียร์ลีก, term in Thai) has records of father and son playing for different teams in different time period. This is the beauty of soccer that brought the next generation into the game. Ian Wright is the legendary striker who played for Arsenal. He has made altogether 213 appearances and scored 113 goals. Arsenal won the Premiere League 1 time during Ian Wright’s stint. His name has been engraved in the Hall of Fame of English Premiere League but he is not the one in the family who was in soccer and in the Premiere League. His son also walked the same way The time period of 2002 to 2004 saw the performance of Bradley Wright-Phillips for Manchester City. He is none other than Ian Wright’s own son. He scored only 2 goals in 32 matches that he played.

Even with the current fiasco over his not so good reputation as a manager, no one can deny the fact that Steve Bruce was one of legendary defender of Manchester United when Sir Alex took over the Red Devils for the first time. He made 148 appearances and won the trophy thrice with Manchester United. Alex Bruce, his son also played Premiere League but failed to leave some incredible mark like his father. Only one player to wear the bands of arch rivals Manchester United and Liverpool is Paul Ince. One of the best midfielders if his era, Ince made total 306 appearances and won the trophy twice with Manchester United. This legendary player’s son Tom Ince played only 42 Premiere League matches in his entire career.

Tyler Kylie
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