Role of Cricket Fantasy Team Predictions

When it comes to Cricket there are two teams, the batsmen and the wicket keepers, but which team is your dream 11? Well, this can be a tough question to answer as there is no easy way to predict a dream 11. Basically, you have to put your faith in a particular player’s ability, form and experience before anything else.

To arrive at the best dream11 team prediction match you have to keep some factors in mind like batting average, runs, wickets taken, average percentage, total number of runs scored, highest scores made by a team, the number of highest wickets taken by a team, highest century scores made by a team and the current top bowler for a team. Batsmen are generally the ones who will be on the highest growing runs and will most likely spend the highest time on the field, so theoretically they will possess a greater probability of making a century. So before you make the dream11 team you must remember this factor. If your dream 11 is made up of all No. 11 batsmen then obviously your dream 11 is a no-brainer and there is no way you can change it.

However, if you feel that your batting average is not up to the mark or perhaps your runs do not come regularly enough, then there are other factors you can consider apart from your batting average. For instance, the run rate is a good indicator of whether you are enjoying playing the game or not. You can also consider the form factor, which can help you narrow down your search for a live cricket match vs team prediction. If you are a regular watcher of the television coverage of a live cricket match you can take note of what the commentary is saying about the different teams, their performance and form, if there is any news regarding any injury sustained by any player or not, etc.

Also, if you are not happy with your batting or bowling performances, then you must also look at the availability of batsmen and wickets. The availability of batsmen is always a key issue when it comes to predicting the winning team in a cricket by team prediction. If there are more bowlers than batsmen in a side then you can rest assured that side will win. Similarly, if there are more players with quality wickets then you can safely say that the batsmen will lose the match.

The last factor that is ignored by many is the recent form of the players or team. In case of a fantasy team, you have to consider how consistent the last five or six years have been. You also have to take into account the recent trend when it comes to winning or losing streaks. It is important to remember that cricket has the habit of changing its players, fixtures and schedules from time to time and so, the recent form of players is an important criterion in the selection process. It is best to select a team based on recent form rather than just relying on past records.