How Fast Does the One Wheel Go?

For the uninitiated, one wheel riding is one of the most enjoyable forms of outdoor sport in North America. It takes some beating, to be sure, but it’s completely exhilarating and exciting no matter what way you slice it. There are several ways to determine how fast the One Wheel can go, but they all come down to one thing: How much weight is attached to the wheel? The heavier the rider is, the slower the wheel will go. If you’re just getting started with your One Wheel, start out light and add speed as you get more comfortable with the bike. This article will discuss how you measure the speed of a particular bike and how you can determine how fast it goes.

To get a true measurement of how fast the One Wheel goes, you need to attach a stopwatch. Use one of your favorite stopwatches or you may decide to make use of a digital stopwatch instead. Once you have your desired time, you simply compare this time to your ride log and you’ll find out how many miles per hour you covered during your ride. Keep in mind that if you use a clock that displays numbers, you must add fifty milliseconds to the actual time to calculate the speed of the one wheel.

The next thing you’ll want to consider when asking yourself how fast does the one wheel go is the type of terrain you are traveling on. Many people ride these one wheels on pavement but some are experienced enough to take them off road. The Smoother the surface you are riding on the faster you will go. The One Wheel can travel upwards of 20 Plus MPH, That is faster that most humans can run.

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