Golf Tips – How to Handle a Bad Day on the Green

One minute you are flying, the next it is all going wrong. Your game starts off well and you sink every putt over the last few holes. Then disaster strikes and your putting game starts to fall apart. Everything else is fine, it’s just your putting that is letting you down. What do you do in this situation? Most people get frustrated and they let their game fall apart, but there are other things you can do.

Back to Basics – We all hit bad shots, even the pros, so do not let it get to you. A game of golf is not won in one shot, it is won with consistency over 18 holes. If your putting starts to go bad, do not let it get to you. When you play the next hole, think about what you have learned and go back to the basics. Professional golf instructors see this happen all the time, that is why they teach strategies to help players get back on track.

Tempo & Rhythm – Playing well on the course is all about your tempo and rhythm. When you start to feel that everything will click into place. You know how your swing feels, so when you sink a putt, think about what you have just done. Close your eyes and remember the tempo and speed of your swing. This will help you when you reach the next hole.

Adjust Your Attitude – So, you walked onto the green expecting a great score and everything is not working out like you thought it would. Do not worry about your game, lower your expectations for the day and focus on what has gone right, not on what is going wrong. We do not produce an amazing performance every day on the course.

Relax Your Breathing – When we get frustrated or stressed, our heart rate increases, and our breathing accelerates. This does not help us focus and we tend to miss shots we should have made. Close your eyes, relax your breathing, and concentrate on your swing. A quick stress relieving exercise can change your fortunes pretty quick.

We all have bad days on the green, it happens to the best of us. The important thing is that it does not get you down. If things are not going well, try the tips mentioned above and help yourself get back on track. If that does not work, focus on your game and all of the positive things you have done on your round.