Coaching Football – Making Football Safe for children

Football is definitely an intense, high-contact sport. Many parents worry the game may be too harmful for his or her youthful child. Using the proper coaching, however, kids football could be a safe and fun way for a kid to understand working together making buddies.


The initial step in coaching football effectively would be to make certain players possess the proper equipment. Everybody must have the next products in good, condition:

helmet with face guard

sports supporter with protective cup

shoulder pads

kidney pads

pants with leg and knee pads


footwear with short cleats

sweat socks



After equipment, the next phase in making certain the security of youthful sportsmen involves proper conduct hanging around. Ensuring players and referees know and stick to the rules can make the sport more enjoyable for everybody.

Most children football leagues use senior high school football rules having a couple of minor adjustments. For instance, kickoffs and blitzes have a tendency to cause more injuries in football, so kids leagues can omit individuals facets of the sport before the players tend to be more advanced.

Rather of kickoffs, the receiving team can place the ball around the 35-yard line. Because blitzing (or red-dogging) creates a pointless component of surprise hanging around, the guidelines can easily be altered so the defensive back isn’t permitted to create a premeditated hurry.

Limitations and Limitations

Finally, two more limitations and limitations can be created to create football safer for children. Because exhaustion from over-practicing frequently afflicts youthful sportsmen, coaches should limit the amount of practices in kids leagues. Children should concentrate on understanding the basics from the game during practices, not conditioning their physiques for grueling matches.

Lastly, coaches should restrict the amount of formations you can use inside a game. Football can be quite complex, but kids may change towards the complexities with time. To begin, they ought to discover the game in the simplest form. The children could be more in check, and for that reason safer, hanging around if they’re confident with the formations they’ll face during play.

Football is really a challenging sport, but kids can have fun and remain safe if coaches make sure to make it simple and make certain players are correctly trained and outfitted!


With only a couple of tweaks, any coach could make smart decisions about coaching football. Make sure to check players’ equipment prior to starting practice and strictly enforce proper behavior in the game. Safety factors are everyone’s responsibility, however the coach must lead the way in which!