5 Reasons to Try Foil Boarding 

For most people, this will have been the first time that they have heard of ‘foil boarding’, the name certainly congers up some interesting thoughts all the way from attempting to surf on a piece of foil or perhaps a more practical thought would be to wrap  your existing surfboard in a foil wrap of some kind with no idea why. As it happens, foil boarding doesn’t involve any kind of cooking aids, so, what does it mean?


This may be a more familiar term to the average person, if not, then the term ‘hydrofoil’ describes a lifting surface that is used to raise a vessel or in this case a ‘surf board’ out of the water as it travels along.

The idea behind a hydrofoil is that they can help to create better balance and because there is a greatly reduced element of friction or ‘drag’ what ever you are using should be able to travel faster or at least more efficiently.

Foil boarding

If you have ever tried any type of boarding, be it skateboarding or surf boarding then you will know how difficult it can be to stay balanced whilst at the same time, propelling yourself in whichever direction you want to go.

For the majority of people, with surf boarding, that often means flat on one’s face with a mouth full of salt water wondering how on earth they are supposed to stay upright, go forward and look cool at the same time.

Better stability

One of the biggest, if not, the biggest skill to master when surf boarding is to remain balanced, it is a true art in itself. You may well be pleased to know then that foil Boarding provides a much better balance worthy piece of equipment.

Essentially the ‘foil’ is a fin of sorts that is attached to the underside of the board you will be using, when propelled the board should lift out of the water, a real, ‘Back to the future’ type experience that has heard some people say things like, “It feels like you’re flying”.


In today’s demanding world fitness is something that is pushed upon us more so now than ever before, for some people it’s easy work, for others it’s the last thing that they want to do. The great thing about foil boarding is that it is great fun and you can exercise at the same time with a much-reduced risk of looking like a plonker when you stack it and go head over heels.

Tyler Kylie
the authorTyler Kylie