3 Ways to Improve Your Biking Experience

Whether it is your first time pedaling or you usually ride to work, cycling is becoming part of daily life for many people. Additionally, some people are taking it up as a form of exercise to shed off a few pounds. As a biker, it is vital to have structure if you want to enjoy cycling. For example, understanding your goals and how you want to achieve them will help make your experience worthwhile.

There is more to cycling than just meeting your fitness goals or beating your commuting time. Enjoying your experience more, making you want to keep cycling in the long run. If you are a first-time biker or have been biking and want to get more from this experience, here are some helpful tips.

1.Setting the bike correctly

If you are attempting to ride on a bicycle that has not been set up correctly, you will undoubtedly experience a lot of frustration. Your leg and torso lengths are different from those of other people. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a bike rental service that has experience in this area like if you’re located in New York.  A reputable rental company will help adjust parts such as the stem and saddle to customize the bike for your body.

If you are purchasing the bike instead, your shop should take your body measurements and essentially tailor the bike to your body dimensions. Although a bike-fitting session might be time-consuming, it is worthwhile and will help improve your efficiency and experience.

2.Stay hydrated while cycling

Whether it is hot, warm, or cool, your body’s fluid requirements automatically increase when cycling. Fluid losses because of sweating and exhaled breath reduce the general fluid volume in your blood. That then forces your heart to work harder than usual. By the time you begin getting thirsty, your body will have already gotten dehydrated.

To enjoy cycling more and keep going much longer, take your water or energy drink throughout. A quick way to monitor how hydrated you are is to observe the color of your urine in between your cycling. A pale color is an indication that you are well hydrated, while dark-colored urine means that it is time to drink your fluids.

3.Wear proper gear

Wearing the correct kit while cycling is so important and highly beneficial for a great experience. Don’t be afraid to invest a little of your money into special biking kits. First, you need to have a proper helmet. It should be well-ventilated and also lightweight. The helmet is important because it might be the difference between life and death, especially when you are involved in a gruesome accident.

Your cycling shorts are also part of a great kit. Although they won’t protect you as much as a helmet, they are essential for comfortability. Seamless, chafe-free shorts will keep your thighs from rubbing as you ride.

When cycling, you also need basic tools to help you repair your bike if you get a puncture. Sunglasses are also necessary. Cycling is fun and also beneficial for your health. When you follow these tips, you will have an improved experience when riding on your favorite routes.

Tyler Kylie
the authorTyler Kylie